Cianán Ùr

a typeface by Feòrag

Cianán Ùr (New Cianán) is a typeface based on an earlier work of mine, Cianán, though the similarity is a little tenuous. It covers all European languages written with the Latin script, and Vietnamese. Greek characters are also available, but I make no promises about the kerning. This is an Insular font, and several of the letters have the distinct forms used in older Irish printing. If you don’t like these, Stylistic Set 01 contains more familiar glyphs. If you enable the appropriate OpenType feature (in InDesign it’s "[Automatic Form]" in the OpenType -> Positional Forms menu), the uppercase I will be different at the start of a word. There are also a number of Discretionary Ligatures available.

The image below gives a sample of some of the characters included in the font:
Sample characters

The typeface comes in two 'flavours'. The OTF version is PostScript-flavoured OpenType; the TTF is TrueType-flavoured OpenType. Both should work on MacOS X, Linux and Windows systems. If you use MacOS 8 or 9, only the OTF version will work on these systems. If you have a PostScript printer, you should also choose the OTF version.

SIL Open Font License This typeface is licensed under the SIL Open Font License 1.1

While the font is free for you to use and adapt, with very few conditions attached, if you do use it and enjoy it, a small donation would be appreciated. Any money so received will be ring-fenced for spending on font software, books etc. Copies of anything on which it's used would be nice, too.

Note that the license restricts the distribution of fonts outside a software package. To make it clear, if I have personally submitted this to your font archive, then you have my permission to distribute this font, though the bundle of font and documents must stay together.

Download OTF version 1.0 [Zip 625 Kb]
Download TTF version 1.0 [Zip 621 Kb]