a typeface by Feòrag

Symbats is a Pagan dingbats font. It contains lots of pentagrams, a full set of astrological glyphs, solar and lunar symbols, runes, Ogham, and much more. The commonest symbols are mapped to letters, in a hopefully logical manner. They, and all the others, are also to be found in the right place in Unicode. These characters can be accessed by either choosing an appropriate keyboard layout in the International preferences panel, or via the Special Characters.../Glyphs menu option (the name seems to vary depending on the application).

This font will be 25 years old in May 2022! This latest edition comes in three weights, and has lots more symbols. A few have been redesigned, and one duplicate was replaced by a Goddess. This, and future versions, will be licensed under the SIL Open Font Licence.

The images below give a sample of some of the symbols included in the font:
Symbats Light sample
Symbats Regular
Symbats Bold sample

Download Symbats 3.0 [Zip 688 Kb]