a typeface by Feòrag NicBhrìde

Oakfield came about when I was working on Dearmach, a typeface based on the script in the Book of Durrow. I decided to do something more modern and the resulting characters had an interesting rhythm to them, so I persisted. Oakfield is the result, and it ended up being released before Dearmach!

The typeface includes an almost complete Macintosh character set. This version is a late beta--if you experience any weird kerning or other odd behaviour, let me know about it.

Download PostScript version 1.0b1 [MacBinary 89 Kb]
Download PostScript version 1.0b1 [BinHex 121 Kb]

Download TrueType version 1.0b1 [MacBinary 49 Kb]
Download TrueType version 1.0b1 [BinHex 66 Kb]