a typeface by Feòrag

Back in the year 2000, I made a “modernised” version of another one I was working on. I was never really happy with it, but released it anyway. Nineteen years later, and I needed something to test out a Glyphs plug-in, Letterink. I’m happier with it now, and even added a bold weight. This is an OpenType font using Unicode, with support for European languages using Roman characters. It’s an experimental font, so there will be some flakiness, especially in the bold weight. I want to know about any problems you encounter so I can fix them. I’ve included traditional Irish characters. As well as accessing these the regular ways, if you want an Irish look, just choose Stylistic Set 01.

The image below gives a sample of some of the characters included in the font:


Download Oakfield 2019 [ZIP 638K]