Styl and Styl Round

a type family by Feòrag

The Styl family is inspired by a typeface used for the masthead of pioneering Dutch art magazine, De Stijl, in 1918. The original was considerably less legible than this (and I didn’t know about the Dutch ij ligature back then), which explains why this font is called 'Styl' and not 'Stijl'.

This was one of the first fonts I ever released, back in 1996. For its 21st birthday, I've used it as a guinea pig to learn to use Multiple Masters in Glyphs, and also the Rounded Font filter. There are now six weights available.

The character set includes support for virtually every language which can be written in Latin script and includes a selection of ligatures. These characters can be accessed by either choosing an appropriate keyboard layout in the International preferences panel, or via the Special Characters.../Glyphs menu option (the name seems to vary depending on the application).

The image below shows the different styles and weights included in the package:

The typeface comes in two 'flavours'. The OTF version is PostScript-flavoured OpenType; the TTF is TrueType-flavoured OpenType. Both should work on MacOS X, Linux and Windows systems. If you use MacOS 8 or 9, only the OTF version will work on these systems. If you have a PostScript printer, you should also choose the OTF version.

SIL Open Font License This typeface is licensed under the SIL Open Font License 1.1

While the font is free for you to use and adapt, with very few conditions attached, if you do use it and enjoy it, a small donation would be appreciated. Any money so received will be ring-fenced for spending on font software, books etc. Copies of anything on which it's used would be nice, too.

Note that the license restricts the distribution of fonts outside a software package. To make it clear, if I have personally submitted this to your font archive, then you have my permission to distribute this font, though the bundle of font and documents must stay together.

Download OTF version [Zip 843 Kb]
Download TTF version [Zip 852 Kb]